Programs for YouTube

Usually, YouTube programs mean tools for those who upload videos to this popular site.

But, those who watch these videos are much more, and they also have their own needs. :)

Many YouTube users would like to be able to save video to their computer. However, the service does not provide this opportunity. Moreover, the owner of YouTube (Google) is fundamentally against downloading. Therefore, we have to look for workarounds.

The video is saved in the browser cache. You can get it from there, but, for a start, you must definitely watch the video from start to finish. Then find where exactly the cache is stored (depending on the browser). The contents of the cache look something like this:

browser cache

Next, you need to find the file - this is also not an easy task. Add an extension to the name (everything is stored there without them).
If this method does not scare you, there are many detailed instructions on the Internet. In my opinion, it's much easier to use third-party services. The choice of free tools is huge, you can find it to your liking - just sites where you insert a link to a video and get a sound file, browser plug-in that allow you to download videos directly from YouTube, programs for your computer.

Another popular request is to convert YouTube videos to MP3, in other words, you need to extract music from a video clip. There are also many such services, however, these are mainly sites offering online conversion. It works on the same principle, if you insert a link, you get a file.