Downloading videos from YouTube

Online services for downloading from YouTube

Помощь в скачивании видео предлагают многие сайты. Процесс аналогичен конвертации в MP3 - вставляем в поле ссылку с YouTube и скачиваем.
Можно, например, использовать уже упоминавшийся Y2mate. Правда, эта вкладка на русский язык почему-то не переведена, но ошибиться там сложно.

Many sites offer help in downloading videos. The process is similar to converting to MP3 - insert a link from YouTube into the field and download.
You can, for example, use the already mentioned Y2mate. .

YouTube download plugins

You can install a dedicated browser add-on. You only need to download the plugin from own site, but not from a special section in the browser settings. They may not be there as Google discourages YouTube downloads.

For example, the YouTube Video Downloader plugin. You just need to select your browser (if it is not automatically detected), click on the DIRECT INSTALL button and follow the instructions of the browser - it will offer to go to the add-ons section and install a new plug-in.

YouTube Video Downloader

After that, a download button will appear under the video.

YouTube Video Downloader

YouTube download programs

Programs for downloading videos from YouTube also exist. They work according to the same principle as sites - insert a link and download. If it is more convenient for you to use the program than a website or a plugin, I recommend Youtube Downloader HD.

Youtube Downloader HD

Insert a link to the video in the top field.
Select the video resolution.Better quality - more space the file will take on disk.
Checking the box allows you to convert video to MP4 format compatible with Apple IOS and Android. The bottom line shows where the downloaded file is saved.
The "Convert to AVI" button leads to a site where you can download a separate program to perform this operation.

System requirements - Windows 7 or newer.
You can download the Youtube Downloader HD program using direct links from my website:
- Portable version (no installation) - ZIP file
- Installer for Windows 64
The same files, and 32-bit version, which also works on Windows XP - on the website  Youtube Downloader HD