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Supported Operating Systems - Windows 7 SP1 and newer
Set up automated backups
Adjust backup scenarios
Explore copies
Recovery in WinPE


The program from a very famous software manufacturer. Everything you need is there, the settings are simple, the backup is done quite quickly. I will not describe the installation process, everything is simple there.
We launch the program. Click the plus sign to the right of the "My Backups" label to add a new task. If desired, the task can be renamed by clicking the pencil to the right of the name.

Paragon Backup - adding a task

Then click "Backup source" to select the archived objects.

Selecting files and backup location

The options are as follows - entire computer, entire disk, files / folders.

Paragon Backup - selection of archived folders and files

In the latter case, you can choose the traditional option of ticking the necessary files and folders ("Select files and folders manually") or select files by type. You can select the preset file types (all documents, music, video) or add your own type by mask (for example, * .jpg).

Paragon Backup Selecting files by type

In the preset types, file sets can be changed by checking or unchecking the checkboxes. All this choice can be applied to a specific drive or folder, and not to the entire system as a whole.

Paragon Backup Selecting files by type

Next, select the location for the archive ("Destination"). There are three options - a folder on a local drive, an external drive. a network folder.
It is extremely undesirable to store copies on a local disk, I think there is no need to explain why.
A network drive is a story not for home, as a rule.
An external drive is ideal. Which one - depends on the estimated size of the archive - DVD, flash drive or external hard drive. The latter is, of course, more convenient.

Paragon Backup Choosing where to archive

Next, we set the schedule and archiving strategy.

Archiving Schedule

Click on the link "Backup is not scheduled".

Paragon Backup Choosing where to archive

Schedule options:
- Without a schedule (use manual launch)
- Daily. You can choose after how many days the archiving will be repeated - every day, every 2 days, etc. Instead of days, you can select hours, then the task will be repeated every day, after a specified number of hours
- Weekly. You can choose after how many weeks and on which days of the week the backup will be made. - Monthly. You can select the day of the month and specific months

The general item "Start backup at" sets the start time for the launch. You can simply leave the default, then the task will be executed in accordance with the first specified schedule.

Paragon Backup Archiving Schedule

The "Show advanced setting" checkbox opens additional options:
- On whose behalf the task will be performed. On the home computer, you are most likely an administrator, so you do not need to change anything.
- Wake up the computer to perform the backup. If there is a possibility that at a given time the computer may be in sleep mode, you need to check the box.
- Run the missed task when possible. The checkbox is checked by default. In this case, if the computer was turned off at the time the task was started, archiving will start immediately after turning it on.

We return to the previous page. The next item is the "Backup strategy".

Backup options

The default is "Full backups only". Click on the link and get two more options - Incremental copying ("Chain of full and incremental backups") and Differential copying ("Chain of full and differential backups"). See details about backup options.

In the program settings, you can set the number of incremental or differential copies between making full copies. So, if, as in the picture, we put "5" - a full archive will be created after five differential copies. Then again will be create  five differential copies and new full archive.

The checkbox below "Use backup retention" is responsible for the backup storage duration. Options:
- always ("For ever")
- the specified number of days
- the specified number of copies ("By number of chain")
- until the storage is full.
 All copies that do not meet the specified conditions will be deleted.

Paragon Backup Choosing an archiving strategy

The last item of the main window - "Notifications" does not work in the free version.

In the main window, in addition to the "Backup strategy" tab, there is one more - "Options". Here you can set additional parameters for archiving.

Additional settings

You can select the archive format ("Backup container type"). By default, Paragon's own format is used, it is logical to leave it, since the other three are intended for creating images of virtual machines. If you don’t use it, then you don’t need it, and if you do, then you know what to do with it. :)

Paragon Backup archive format

"Password protection" - password protection of the archive. It is unlikely that this will be required at home.

"Backup compression" - archive compression level. Four options - from "no compression" ("None") to "Strongest" ("Best"). The more compression - it's the less space for the archive and the longer time to back up and restore. It is logical to leave "Normal", but if the backup disk is large, you can do it without compression. And vice versa - if there is a little space, you need to use the maximum compression.

"Backup splitting" - splitting the archive into fragments. Relevant if the archiving is on DVD discs. For this case, there are already preset values, or you can set your own size ("Custom split size"). If a hard disk is used as storage, no split is needed.

There are a few more checkmarks below:
- "Prevent from sleep / hibernate during backup" - do not allow the transition to sleep mode during the backup process. It is desirable to note:
- "Check backup integrity after creation" - optional, but you can. It will take some more time.
- "Shutdown system after backup" - shutdown the computer after the backup is completed.

The program has additional general settings, for this you need to click the gear in the lower left corner. In fact, there is only one setting - by moving the slider to the "On" position, you can disable the output of program messages during the archiving process. Then, if everything went well, the dialog box will close by itself. This option is valid only for normal situations, in case of any problems, an error message will appear regardless of the position of this slider.

Paragon Backup additional settings

There is also a useful function for creating a bootable USB flash drive (or disk) based on WinPE - "Recovery Media Builder".
Firstly you need to choose whether to use the ADK (Windows Automated Installation Kit - additional tools for system deployment) or not. The choice is very simple - if you have Windows 8.1 or later, it is impossible to create a system image without the ADK. At the same time, the package is already integrated into the operating system and you dom't need to download it additionally. But if your Windows is so special that the program cannot find this files - you need to download ADK (links are attached).
Paragon Backup создание загрузочного диска

Then we choose to create a disk image (ISO), for example, for recording then to DVD, or immediately create a bootable flash drive ("Removable flash media").

Paragon Backup создание загрузочного диска

In the case of ISO, you will also need to specify whether to create a virtual disk for this image, and if you create it, then automatically or manually. The default is "do not create".

Paragon Backup создание загрузочного диска

You can download the program using direct links from my website:
- Windows 32
- Windows 64
or from the Paragon site