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Welcome to my website!

I invite you to the virtual trip - solo and family.

The tourist's impressions do not always coincide with the description of the guidebook.
You will learn about the beautiful cheap places and destination to visit, peculiarities of traveling in a particular country, you can easily get to where I got to with problems;), get first-hand information about cities, hotels, transfers, etc.
I hope this will help you save time and nerves in your own travels.
Naturally, the main part of the descriptions is devoted to attractions.

There are no long historical excursions and other borrowings from Wikipedia. :)
I am only telling you what I saw with my own eyes.

The corresponding section contains general recommendations on the preparation and implementation of a trip - where and how it is more profitable to buy tickets and book hotels, what will come in handy on a trip, etc.

Gradually, notes are added.