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Summary of the novel

The beginning of the 19th century. The young men Lockwood settled in Yorkshire. He visits Heathcliff's neighbor who lives on the Wuthering Heights estate. The widow of Heathcliff's son and Hareton Earnshaw still live in the house. None of them are friendly. Because of the bad weather, Lockwood has to spend the night at the estate and in the bedroom he finds the diary of Catherine Earnshaw, which describes the story of the children - Catherine and Heathcliff.
Ellen, Lockwood's housekeeper, tells him about the people of Wuthering Heights.
The owner of Wuthering Heights - Earnshaw took a dying child (Heathcliff) into the house and raised him along with his children - Katherine and Hindley. Catherine treated the boy well, and Hindley hated him out of jealousy. Earnshaw died three years after Hindley was sent to college. Hindley became the owner. He sends Heathcliff to work as a laborer. Catherine lived with the Lintons, who then owned Lockwood's current home, Skvortsov Manor.
Hindley's wife died giving birth to a boy named Hurton. Hindley began to drink and soon turned into a gloomy, sullen personality.
Catherine is about to marry Edgar Linton. Heathcliff, learning about this, leaves.
Three years later, the rich Heathcliff returned, He and Catherine understand that they have always loved each other.
Isabella Linton falls in love with Heathcliff. He does not hide, says that he loves Catherine and with the help of Isabella is going to take revenge on Linton. The maid relays their conversation to Linton, after which Heathcliff, Edgar Linton and Catherine quarrel, after which she falls ill. The matter is complicated by the fact that Catherine is pregnant.
Isabella flees with Heathcliff and they get married. Heathcliff is cold with his wife, and Edgar refuses to help his sister.
Upon learning of Katherine's illness, Heathcliff makes his way to her. She dies after giving birth. Isabella flees from Heathcliff.
Hindley Earnshaw dies soon after. All of his property has long been mortgaged to Heathcliff, and he becomes the owner of Wuthering Pass, which, nevertheless, has an heir, Hertono Earnshaw.
Isabella has a son, Linton Heathcliff. When he was twelve years old, his mother died and the boy was taken by Heathcliff.
Heathcliff wants to marry his son to Cathy Linton (Catherine's daughter) in order to get the Starling Grange, since Cathy is Edgar's heiress.
Linton enjoys Katie's sympathy, but he is very ill.
Heathcliff locks Katie in Wuthering Heights and forces her to marry Linton, threatening to keep her from her dying father.
Edgar dies and Cathy moves to Wuthering Heights. Linton dies soon after. All Linton property, including Skvortsov Manor, becomes Heathcliff's property.
Six months later, Lockwood visits Wuthering Heights again, where he learns that Heathcliff has died, and Catherine and Hareton are going to get married.


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