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Summary of the novel

Time of action - England at the end of the reign of George III. Jane, a ten-year-old girl, lives, after the death of her parents, in the house of aunt - Sarah Reed. She is mistreated by both her aunt and her children. After a skirmish with her cousin, Jane is sent to a private school, and her aunt warns the headmaster that her niece is a liar.
At school, Jane has a good relationship with students and teachers. She spends 6 years there as a student and remains for 2 more years as a teacher.
Jane then becomes the governess of nine-year-old Frenchwoman Adele. Soon, the girl's guardian, Mr. Rochester, arrives. They talk a lot. One day Jane saves him, noticing a fire that has started in time. Jane realizes that she loves Rochester.
Rochester is going to marry Blanche Ingram from the neighboring estate, it is not clear from what motives - Jane is sure that he does not love the bride ..
Mrs. Reed dies and repents before Jane - three years ago Jane's uncle, a wealthy planter from Madeira, came to see him adopt a niece, but Sarah Reed informed him that Jane had died of typhus.
Rochester tells Jane about his love and asks to become his wife. Jane informs her uncle about her marriage. The uncle sends an attorney who appears on the wedding day and announces that Rochester is married and the wedding cannot take place. Rochester shows his wife Bertha, hidden in the house, who is maddened. Rochester married in early youth and was hidden from him the hereditary tendency of the bride to be insane, and when her tendencies manifested themselves and he wanted to divorce, it turned out to be impossible, since the law prohibits divorce from the insane.
Rochester pleads with Jane to leave Europe, but she escapes and is soon left without a livelihood. Sick, she is found on the doorstep of her own home by the vicar Sent-John Rivers. After recovering, she, under the name Elliot, gets a job as a teacher at a local school. Jane, absent-mindedly, signs the portrait of the vicar's beloved girl written to her with her real name. Upon learning her name, the vicar reveals that his mother was the sister of Jane's father. Shortly before that, he learned that his deceased uncle bequeathed his entire fortune to an unknown cousin, and now it turned out that Jane is this cousin.
Jane shares the inheritance with the vicar and his two sisters. Saint John is about to go to India as a missionary and invites Jane to marry him, as she is very suitable for the role of a missionary wife.
Before making a decision, Jane wants to know what happened to Rochester. It turns out that Bertha set the house on fire and jumped off the roof herself, while Rochester went blind and lost a hand. Jane finds him at a friend's estate, depressed. They are getting married.
Ten years later, they have a son, Rochester partially regained his sight


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